Security Aviation

Region: Southwest Alaska

Population: 5,579

Known as the Emerald Isle, Kodiak is one of the under-the-radar destinations that most Alaskans want to visit but don’t make the trip. At Security Aviation, our private charter pilots love to fly here. The lush green landscape and outdoor activities around every corner appeal to nature lovers. Many will fly here to go fishing at lodges popular among fly fishers and anglers looking to reel in a king salmon or fight a silver in local streams and rivers. But what makes Kodiak an unforgettable place to travel is the chance to see bears. 

The island’s best-known park is the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge covers about two-thirds of Kodiak Island and its diverse habitat features rugged mountains, alpine meadows, wetlands, spruce-filled forests, and grassland. The refuge is one of the best places to view bears in their natural and wild habitat. 

Flight time to Kodiak is approximately 58 minutes and we recommend utilizing the Conquest II for trips to Kodiak as our fleet is ideally suited for travel to this island community.