Great Falls, Montana

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Region: Western United States 

Population: 58,835

Located in the heart of Montana, Great Falls is a city surrounded by spectacular scenery. It is nestled between farmland, the Missouri River, the Rocky Mountains and the Little Belt Mountains. In fact, the great falls of the Missouri River is what gave Great Falls its name. The city boasts a rich history. It is here that visitors and residents walk in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, the Blackfeet Indians, the buffalo and the grizzly bear.

Great Falls has an array of recreational activities that locals and visitors alike can enjoy. The city boasts over 57 parks and 40 miles of trails along the Missouri River. The community has a skate park, dog park, a playground and four golf courses. Outdoor enthusiasts can delight in hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, snowmachining, skiing and snowshoeing. In Great Falls, visitors will find both city excitement and mountain solitude.