Security Aviation

Region: Arctic Alaska

Population: 25 (2,000 – 3,000 employees of oil operations)

We pride ourselves on our relationships with oil support companies who keep Alaska’s oil economy thriving. We regularly fly people to Deadhorse, Alaska, as they travel to this Arctic Alaska community for meetings and general check-ins on operations. 

While the population of Deadhorse is only 25, that’s a little misleading as it is also the location where 2,000 – 3,000 employees working in the oil fields spend their time. Most travelers to Deadhorse will stay at the oil field support facilities if they are staying overnight. Temperatures here can be extreme, so it’s best to prepare for the cold in the winter months, or the heat during the summer. 

If you’re lucky enough to travel in the winter, you may have the opportunity to look at the skies for northern lights. Alaska’s Arctic region is a prime northern lights location because of its position under the Aurora Oval – an oval-shaped section where the highest frequency of northern lights are concentrated. 

Be sure to be well prepared before a flight to Deadhorse as this is a location that can be prone to weather delays. Let our Alaska-based team answer all your questions when you book your charter flight.